Benefits of a Smart Security System

Smart tech has been a hot commodity in the past several years. From smartphones to smart appliances, to smart front door locks, the possibilities are practically endless.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a home security system but you don’t have to deal with the time (or hassle) with having a professional installer come to your house, you’re in luck. There are numerous DIY systems that you can choose from. Regardless as to whether you want a system with all of the bells and whistles, or you’re looking for something that’s on the simpler side, below are just a few of the benefits of choosing a smart security system.

You’ll get real-time notifications

One of the greatest benefits of smart security systems is that you can program them to alert you should something go wrong. For example, some in-home systems also have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors built into them. If something goes awry while you’re at work, on vacation, or even in your front yard, the system will send a real-time alert to your cell phone.

You won’t be locked into a contract

In the past, if you wanted a home security system, the company that installed it would lock you into a predetermined contract term. If you wanted to cancel before your term was up, you could find yourself needing to pay a hefty cancellation fee. And while some smart systems do require users purchase a paid subscription (for services such as automated dispatch, among others), those that do typically allow you to cancel at any time.

You can monitor activity around your home from anywhere

When you install a smart security system, you can program it to notify you when it detects motion outside of your home. Not only can you get motion sensor notifications, some systems have facial recognition software- which means you can opt to not receive motion sensor notifications when your children, parents, or spouse are outside your home.

They’re still operational if the power goes out

Lastly, lots of smart security systems have their own cellular and internet capabilities. If something happens and the power goes out- you can rest easy knowing that your home is still protected.

In closing

The benefits of choosing a smart security system are practically endless. For more information on how smart security systems work or to learn more about how you can integrate this type of system into your existing smart home automation, call our office today to get started.

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