Benefits of Adding a Smart Lock to your Smart Home Automation

Regardless as to whether your home is already fully automated or you’re thinking about investing in smart home devices, there are numerous benefits associated with adding a smart lock to your list.

As you’re already aware, standard locks can be installed by just about anyone and they come with one or more keys that can be handed out to your family members, neighbors, and domestic workers as needed. The downside of standard locks is that anyone who has a key, can copy the key. Suffice to say, if your dog walker will no longer be helping you, or a family member has lost a set of keys while at the beach, you may decide to have your locks changed to give you some added peace of mind.

A keypad lock is a step up from a standard lock. These types of devices are also easy to install, and the benefit of choosing a keypad lock is that it can be programmed. When you program the lock, you can program individual user codes for anyone who needs one. You can either have one code that’s used by everyone in your household, or you can add unique codes for various users. You can even program a one-time code that you can give to a neighbor or family member so they can access your home in the event of an emergency. The downside to this type of lock is that programming it can be a bit arduous, and if you lose the programming instructions, it may take you some time to locate the instructions on the Internet. The upside to keypad locks is that you don’t need to worry about your keys being copied. You can also disable user codes as needed.

At the top of the tier of home locks is a smart lock. Most smart locks can be installed by the average layperson and the installation can often be complete in about 10 minutes. Generally speaking, the most difficult component of installing a smart lock is making sure it connects to your home’s Internet.

Similar to keypad locks, you can program individual codes for various users. However, instead of needing to deal with complicated programming instructions, you can add or remove user codes from a smartphone app. This generally takes just a few seconds to do. Not only will the app notify you each time your door is locked or unlocked, it will let you know which user codes were used, and when. Additionally, you can also unlock your doors while using the app, from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

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