Benefits of adding a smart security system to your smart home automation

Smart home automation allows users to control a wide variety of devices, such as their sound equipment, appliances, thermostat, and their keyless entry systems, among others. However, adding a smart home security system to your array of smart home toys can come with some pretty amazing benefits. Below are just a few of the reasons to consider adding one to yours.

  • With the increasing growth of the smart home market, the adoption of video doorbells is on the rise, as is the market for smart cameras and smart home monitoring systems. The majority of smart video doorbell cameras possess the capability to send alerts on sensing motion. They can also send live video feeds to users. For example, if you get a notification on your smartphone that there is a commotion outside your home, when you pull up the video feed, you’ll know right away whether the commotion was due to a raccoon knocking over your trash can, or it’s because a burglar is casing your property.
  • Today’s homeowners have a variety of DIY smart security systems to choose from. You can choose to go simple, i.e., installing a video doorbell, or you can go all-out, and opt for a system that has motion sensors, alarms, and face recognition, among others.
  • You can also connect your smart home security system to your Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. This is a great advantage for those late nights when you’ve hopped into bed only to realize that you forgot to activate your alarm. Not only can you arm your security system through voice commands, you can disarm your system with voice commands as well. If you’re concerned that anyone could break into your home and tell Alexa to disable the alarm, you needn’t fret. Almost all systems allow users to program in a 4-digit voice confirmation code. For example, after asking Alexa to disarm your alarm, Alexa would ask you to provide a 4-digit passcode before the action is taken.

Smart home security systems have numerous other benefits, such as having an ability to stay online if the power goes out, they tend to deter crime, and they can help you keep track of unusual activity taking place outside of your home.

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