How To Set Up Smart Home Automation

If you’re interested in automating your home and you have questions about 1) what you can connect and 2) how to get your devices to work together, below are just a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Smart home definition

Simply put, a smart home is any home that uses smart devices to control and automate household functions.  For example, if you purchase a smart thermostat so you can use your handheld device to operate your furnace / AC system, you technically have a smart home.  Or, if you’ve recently purchased an Amazon Echo Show for your kitchen (so you can create voice-command grocery lists, voice browse recipes, or have your device remind you when certain regularly-ordered Amazon Fresh orders haven’t been ordered in a while)- you technically have a smart home.

Starting from the top

The first step toward automating your home is to purchase your first smart device. This can span from one or more smart plugs, a smart home security system, a smart TV, or smart appliances, among others. If you plan on automating your home yourself, it may be best to start small so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Buying and self-installing a smart plug is a lot different than rushing out to buy a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and trying to integrate all of them yourself.

Call for help as needed

Have you been leaning toward purchasing a smart thermostat? If yes, this is likely not something you’ll want to install yourself. First, getting the wiring correct will be quite difficult if you’re not experienced in electrical and/or HVAC work. Second, you’ll need to make sure the power to that unit is turned off, and you’ll need to determine whether you need to buy a thermostat that’s equipped with a C-wire connection. Like we said, when it comes to installing smart devices on your own, it’s best to stick to the types of things that you know you can handle yourself.  It’s generally best to have a licensed electrician or HVAC technician handle a smart thermostat installation.

Get everything onto the same platform

Lastly, if you have several smart devices and you’d like to integrate their functionality (and the idea of doing that, by yourself, feels overwhelming)- we can help. The team at Magical Home Theatres has years of experience in helping homeowners just like you navigate situations just like this. For more information on how we can help get your home fully automated, call our office today to speak with an expert.

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