More And More Americans Feel Comfortable With Smart Home Technology

The number of Internet connected homes continues to grow, and today, more than 60% of Americans say they’re growing increasingly comfortable with the technology.  More than 70% of households say they own at least one smart home product (such as Alexa, smart thermostats, and/or smart plugs), and more than 35% of individuals polled say they’ve purchased a smart product within the past 6 months.

Other relevant statistics include the following:

  • The top three factors that influence a consumer’s smart product purchase are Price (68%), Ease of Use (50%), and Security concerns (37%)​
  • 39% of consumers surveyed indicate that they plan to purchase a smart thermostat within the next six months (44% intend to purchase a smart home security camera)
  • 40% of smart products are used two or more times a day.

Fun facts about smart devices

  • Certain types of smart lock systems have built-in cameras. This allows users to open the doors in a variety of ways, such as facial recognition, smartphone app, fingerprint scanning, password, physical key, and key fob. With the built-in camera, users have complete control over how they unlock their door. In many instances, their smartphone is their key. Simply by tapping on their smartphone, users can open the door for their friends and get notifications when someone is nearby, so their home is always protected and will never be caught off-guard.  With the advanced biometric facial recognition technology, users can even unlock their door with a glance. All it takes is a look.

  • Smart home security systems are versatile:  Not only do some systems offer face recognition (which in some instances, the device can recognize up to 10 people- which can let users know if a friend or family member is at their door), they may also provide heat and motion sensing, infrared night camera vision, and 180-degree viewing angles. Some systems even provide free cloud and local storage- which means that all of your video will be secured safely for up to 7 days. Certain devices will keep recording even if you have a power or Internet outage—and they’ll back up the video to the cloud as soon as the issue is resolved.

In closing

These days, if you can imagine it, there’s a decent chance it exists. If you’re interested in automating one or more parts of your home and you’d like to learn more about the solutions that are available to you, we can help. Call our office today to speak with an expert.

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