Interesting smart home statistics for 2023

People once thought that smart home technology would only be available to the megarich- however, in the past several years, a variety of cost-effective home automation devices have become available to the general public. Today, any home that has heating and cooling, lighting, or other types of automated devices that can be controlled can be […]

What is smart home automation?

Technology has changed dramatically in the past 40 years. For example, do you remember when your parents bought your first microwave?  Were you beside yourself when you got an Atari 64 for Christmas?  Do you remember how amazing it was when Netflix first launched and they’d send you just about any DVD you could imagine, […]

How Sonos Voice Control can assist with an effortless listening experience

In early 2022, Sonos introduced its first voice-controlled listening experience.  Named Sonos Voice Control, the device allows users to complete command of their Sonos system using their voice alone. Sonos Voice Control works on every voice-capable Sonos speaker, processing requests entirely on the device. Available on new voice capable products and as a free update […]

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