Top advantages of smart home automation, part 2

Earlier this month we discussed three of the benefits of smart home automation. For this week’s post, we wanted to add several more points to that list.

You’ll get remote functionality for your devices

About a year ago we spoke with a couple who had decided they wanted to add a smart thermostat and smart lock system to their SWFL vacation home. Although they didn’t have smart devices prior to this, they’d recently taken a 30-day out-of-town trip (from the Northeast to Florida, during December nonetheless).

As soon as they boarded their plane, they realized they’d left the furnace at their primary residence set to a balmy 72 degrees.

Not only did they leave their heater running the entire time they were out of town, they didn’t have a single person who had a spare key to their home. If they had a smart lock, they could have opened their front door remotely to let someone in to turn their furnace off. If they’d had a smart thermostat installed prior to their trip, they could have turned their furnace off themselves.

You can improve your energy efficiency

Smart thermostats give users precise control over their heating and cooling equipment. For example, once this client automated their home, they had the ability to control their heating and cooling equipment from anywhere they had a Wifi connection. For example, in addition to ensuring their furnace was turned off while they were out of town, if they received notice that an especially brutal winter storm was on the way, they could turn their heat up, remotely, to help prevent their pipes from freezing.

If, while they were in Florida, they planned to spend a long day at the beach, not only could they set their AC temperature a bit higher while they were gone, they could turn the temperature back down before they returned to their home, so the residence would be comfortable upon their arrival.

You can even program your lights to turn on and off at certain times, and in many cases, this can be timed to correspond with sunrise and sunset. You can even program your lights to turn off once you leave a room!

In closing

The benefits of smart home automation are seemingly endless. For more information about smart home automation into your SWFL home, call our office today to speak with a local expert.

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