What Can Smart Home Automation Do For Me?

In our last blog post we talked about a few of the devices you can add to a smart home automation system. For this post, we wanted to expand upon that list. Pet care Do you have cats or dogs at home? Are there times when you’re away for a bit longer than you’d planned, […]

What is smart home automation?

Technology has changed dramatically in the past 40 years. For example, do you remember when your parents bought your first microwave?  Were you beside yourself when you got an Atari 64 for Christmas?  Do you remember how amazing it was when Netflix first launched and they’d send you just about any DVD you could imagine, […]

Best movies to test your home theater system, Part 1

Installing a home theater system is one thing. Understanding which movies are best to test it out are another. Below are just a few of the films that will help you understand the full power and magnitude of what you’ve just put in. Nobody (2021) / Universal Pictures: This action-crime thriller stars Bob Odenkirk, Christopher […]

Top Smart Home Automation Ideas for 2023

Smart home automation isn’t some passing trend. Not only is the market growing, consumer interest is through the roof. According to a November 2022 press release by Financialnewsmedia.com, consumer demand for home automation systems controls and monitors has been rising in recent years. It’s also projected to continue to grow at a significant pace for […]

Smart home automation cost in Lee and Collier counties

In our last blog post we talked about some of the benefits associated with smart home automation. Not only can smart homes increase your safety, they can also improve your peace of mind while traveling, reduce your electricity bills, and allow you to make adjustments to your smart devices from anywhere that you have a […]

What is smart home automation?

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Today’s homeowners aren’t just connecting their security systems and doorbells to their handheld devices, they’re also connecting their stereo systems, thermostats, and even their refrigerators. Regardless as to how tech savvy you are (or aren’t), there are numerous benefits associated with smart home automation. Below are just a few […]

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